This September will mark our 20th of The Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Art Educators’ Association (NHAEA) will provide a $1,000.00 President’s Portfolio Scholarship to a member’s student for their outstanding senior portfolio. The NHAEA Presidents Portfolio form can be downloaded here: NHAEA portfolio scholarship candidate form. In addition, NHAEA will provide one middle school student the NHAEA Board of Directors $250.00 award. This will be awarded to a member’s student for their Gold Key recognized individual artwork. Middle school students who wish to participate should also complete a candidate form and attach it to their award winning artwork when it is dropped off for exhibition. NHAEA Board of Directors $250.00 Scholarship form can be downloaded here: NHAEA Board of Directors $250 award candidate form. Although membership in NHAEA is not required for teachers to participate in the SAANH, you are encouraged to join NHAEA to provide these financial opportunities to your students. For more information on how to become a part of NHAEA please visit –www.nhaea.org

A call for submission letter is being mailed to Art Educators in all NH Schools in mid September with the national launch on September 15th for the 2019 program year. Should you have missed the annual letter a copy can be located in the “How to Enter” section of this website – See: Call for Submissions 2018

It is important to provide an equal and equitable distribution of public, private and parochial school submissions. Our board relies on you to continue to submit artwork that meets high standards that transcend classroom assignments, meet all three qualifying criteria (Creative/Original, Technical Skill, and Personal Vision) and that do not infringe on any copyright or plagiarism issues.


Thank you to our 2017-2018 program funders!

GOLD KEY SPONSOR                                                                SILVER KEY SPONSOR


Jonathan Lindsay and Scott NHIA

Jonathan Lindsay, VP of Enrollment at NHIA and Scott Chatfield, Executive Director- SAANH

Melinda and Scott NHCF

Melinda Mosier, Director of Donor Services at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation for the Putnam Foundation and Scott Chatfield, Executive Director-SAANH.